"Ain't No Mountain High Enough..."

Ski is one of the best adventure and popular sport activities in all over the world. Ski in Nepal is famous and give different feelings because we do this activities in Nepal around 4000m. Of Himalayan.

People from within Nepal as well as all around the world flock to the country in large number to enjoy the pleasure of skiing.The fun, excitement and the thrill while sliding down the snow clad slopes of the Himalayans ranges in Nepal is, in one word, fantastic. If you are a novice, you will scream, cry and laugh simultaneously as you speed down the slopes, whereas if experienced, you will enjoy your run down the challenging snowy slopes.

Moreover, the slopes in the skiing destinations in Nepal give you an opportunity to enjoy both snow skiing as well as heli-skiing. In snow skiing itself, you can enjoy both Alpine and Nordic. This means that you can slide downhill in a straight route as well as in a zigzag course, jump from an elevated position or for extreme adventure, hire a helicopter and have you dropped on the snow clad peak itself. From there, the fun and adventure of skiing downwards it enhanced multifold.

Assistance for skiers, in form of equipment, trained guides, pilots and even short courses are available, in an attempt to give them an unmitigated sense of joy when they come to Nepal. So, next time when you feel like running down a snowcapped hill slope with cool icy breezes hitting your face, just think of Nepal. It is here that you will have some of the best moments skiing down the snowy slopes.

Unlike in the mountainous regions of Kashmir, skiing in Nepal has not been developed with lifts and lodges. But some high valleys and slopes are ideal or cross-country skiing. West Nepal, near Rara Lake, and upper Langtang or parts of Khumbu are less steep than many of Nepal's near vertical valleys, and uppand or pats of Khumbu are less steep than many of Nepal's near verticcal valleys, and could be approached during late winter or early spring. Skis and equipment are not generally nor available for rent in Kathmanu, so much be self-supplied.

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